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Email Guidelines – Part 1

In August I asked about your email habits.  Here are the results [1]

Here are some general guidelines I use for email.  I have developed many of these and collected them and just picked them up here and there.  If I have copied them from the net and not given credit it is because I do not remember where I got them.  Some of these are common knowledge and some are lessons learned.  Most of them are focused on correctly transmitting information, being polite and not having your emails mangled by others who do not share your email client.

Executive Summary

If you read nothing else, at least read this.

• Keep your e-mail short and to the point

• Do not use stationary, background images or wallpaper

• Do not use colored or fancy fonts in e-mail

• Never reply to SPAM or junk mail – ever

• Do not use personal e-mail accounts for company business.


An e-mail can be anything from an informal one-liner to a formal letter. However, because of the nature of e-mail, it is best to consider the purpose of your message before writing. E-mail is not always the best or most effective communications medium to use.

Be careful what you write – e-mail is neither private nor secure. Sending an e-mail is like sending a postcard so messages must be treated with caution. Do not use e-mail to discuss confidential or sensitive information. An e-mail is a permanent record and can be easily forwarded to others or intercepted on the way. Check and double check all addresses and content before you send.

Do not use personal e-mail accounts for company business.

We will look at more this week – stay tuned…

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