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Autodesk Experience Tour – Anaheim

I attended the Autodesk Experience Tour [1] in Anaheim, California yesterday. It was very well attended, but I don’t really know the extent of the attendees becasue the event shared lobby space with another conference. All I know is that every room was packed.


The event was broken into tracks for AE, Civil, Manufacturing and GIS. Each track had breakout sessions that focused on the tools that each sector would use from the Autodesk offerings. I attended the AE track. They discussed AutoCAD, ACA, Revit and Max Design, showing how they interoperated and communicated with each other. Seeing these tools in action, presented by some of the best from Autodesk, provided a quick glimpse into the way Autodesk is headed.

It was good to catch up with some of the So Cal faces that attend these things. I ran into Jim Balding several times. Scott Davis and Amy Fietkau from Autodesk presented in the AE track. I got the chance to speak with Lynn Allen before she presented her Tips and Tricks. They passed out the AutoCAD 2009 Tips & Tricks booklets also. Lunch was provided by the local resellers and the lines were out the door for each of them. My old KETIV Technologies [2] buddies (Ken, Kanwar and Anthony) had the Teacher of the Year present on technology use in the High School classroom. US CAD [3] (where I had lunch) presented on IPD (Danny, Daniel, Steve Bennett [4] and more) and the interaction of all the tools related to that. Kelar [5]was there (Ed) , as was Microdesk [6] (newest member John Barkwell) and CVIS [7] (Shobhit). Every local reseller had a team on site.

There was an Expo hall, but I did not really get much chance to see what was there… oh well.

It was an impressive day, well crafted and coordinated. If you get the chance in your area – you should attend.

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