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Not here to make enemies

CAD Management can be a lonely job. Didn’t I already say that? So if it is so lonely, we don’t need to be making enemies in the process. CAD Managers sometimes appear to act in such a way that no one can be their friends.

They walk around with a chip on their shoulder, like everyone is out to get them and they will not let anyone take them down. It may seem like people are out to get you, but you should not act in such a way that they actually are repulsed by your actions.

This could happen if you take too strong a stance when enforcing the CAD Standards and guidelines. If you are too aggressive, then people become afraid of you. If they “fear” you, then they stop talking to you. If they stop talking, then you will have a harder time discovering the deviations from the standard.

You need to take a stance that is strong, but not repulsive. Determined but not detrimental to the free flow of information. Smile when you correct people. Speak gently but firmly. Talk to others about “stuff” other than CAD. Chat about your weekend. Discuss the latest movies, news, weather,whatever.

Just make sure you are multidimensional to everyone so that people will feel comfortable talking with you.

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1 Comment To "Not here to make enemies"

#1 Comment By CadMasterAdam On March 20, 2008 @ 3:16 PM

so i have to be multidimentional now too? oh god what a load!