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Moving your RSS feed


I have noticed that a lot of reader may be using an old RSS feed from the old site.
If you are an RSS reader of my old blog via feedburner or any other RSS feed process you may need to do something to continue getting the new feeds.

1. You need to get the new feed here. This means that even if you have signed up via feedburner before from the old site you need to sign up again.

2. If you are using feedburner you could sign up at the right on this page. You can also sign up at the bottom of any of the posts.

3. If you are not using a feed then sign up at the right on this page. For more info on RSS look here… Video: RSS in plain English [1]

4. If you are using other feed readers, you need to adjust your existing RSS reader so that it points to the new feed.

Thanks for helping make the change. I think this will address some of you that have not gotten the new RSS feed.