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BAD CAD Management Habits – Attacking the Person not the Problem

When a CAD Manager starts assaulting a persons character or calling in to question the persons abilities to perform any given CAD function, they may have slipped into an area where they do not really want to be.

We assault someones character when we demean them, point out their flaws in public, deride their inabilities or otherwise point out their shortcoming to them or to others. It does not have to be a blatant outspoken comment either. We do it under our breath and by grumbling about them. Correcting character flaws in our users is not part of our job. If someone has difficulty learning a new tool, it is up to use to figure out how to train them in such a way that they get it. This may include repetition, differing approaches and different methods of communicating.

CAD Managers are always encountering users who “just don’t get it”. This may mean that they cannot understand the software, or forget some of the steps in using the software, or just don’t care to learn. No matter what the reason, we slip when we decide that the root of all problems is bad users. They may truly be one of the reasons that things go bad. There are a lot of users out there that can’t get things done in one or two (or more) areas of the software.

But if you find yourself quickly thinking that someone is inept no matter what the problem may be then you might get caught up in writing off their complaints. In my series on BAD CAD [1], one of the issues was the User [2], so I am aware of the difficulties that may arise from the users doing something wrong. That does not mean that all problems come from their bad habits.

Take the time to listen to the problem and if it is related to someones lack of knowledge, then apply yourself to getting them up to speed. Even if you have already done it before, or many times before. Our job as CAD Managers is to work on the problem, which may include working with users who do not catch on. We must avoid complaining about someones inabilities and focus on moving forward.

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2 Comments To "BAD CAD Management Habits – Attacking the Person not the Problem"

#1 Comment By Kelly On January 16, 2008 @ 7:49 AM

Thanks. This helps in many aspects of working in an office, not just as a cad manager.

#2 Comment By Will On January 17, 2008 @ 8:55 PM

The conduct that you have described not only
enhances the working environment and contributes cooperation but also has a definite positive effect on the bottom line.

It is amazing the power we have inducing a mood another. A very skillful art indeed to inspire and very pleasing to see another soar.

Unfortunately, what you have suggested by and large is just the opposite. Conservatively, I would estimate that 15% of the client