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Super Glue AutoCAD Training

Let’s talk about Training…

Training budgets are difficult to get passed. Training time is difficult to justify. Training material is hard to develop. We will discuss all of these areas and give you practical tips for getting past your roadblocks. We will also discuss an option for getting your people trained by turning what is typically downtime into productive focused training time.

Training Budgets:

1. Always include training with every purchase. When you talk to management about an upgrade, make sure you mention training at the same time. Upgrades require training. New software requires training. Asking for money is always tough but don’t stop at the purchase price. Training needs to be included.

2. Always over-budget for training. Since training budgets always get cut – keep them high. Make sure you have some room to cut without cutting it out completely.

3. Always cut another area to save your training budget. Sacrificing training is like cutting off a finger. You pay the price when you try to throw your fast ball. Keeping high levels of productivity is the goal of training. Without it, speed goes down.

I wish the price of software included training time. I can justify the cost of buying software. If it included online tutorials, webinars, training vouchers or more – that would be great.