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CAD Training Material – What is Good?

When it comes to training material, I like to develop my own. That way I can tailor it to my needs and the audience. But this takes time, a lot of time. You need to decide if it will be an outline for an instructor lead class or a handout that people will read on their own.

An Outline has the purpose of keeping the class flow on track. It is not really meant to be used apart from an instructor lead process.

A handout to me is meant to be read without input and should contain more information. It may even be read without any instructor involvement.

An Outline should have some of the following principles in place as you write it:

A Handout is something is used in and beyond the classroom:

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1 Comment To "CAD Training Material – What is Good?"

#1 Comment By Jim On December 12, 2007 @ 1:45 PM

I find that creating short how-to videos works very well to supplement handouts. I place them on our internal web and they can be viewed by users at their convenience. I use Camtesia Studio but I’m sure there are other good products as well.