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CAD Training Material – Free from AUGI

From the AUGI site: (you must be a member to see some of this. Join for Free)

AUGI e-Learning Program [1]

“AUGI is pleased to offer AUGI e-Learning, a program that offers AUGI members a selection of video tutorials focusing on various Autodesk products.

AUGI, in conjunction with CADLearning, is making video lessons available every month to AUGI members at no charge... These video lessons teach individual product concepts and features. Every month, new lessons in each course series will be available. Completion of the full course will take 12 to 18 months at the one-section-per-month rate.”



AutoCAD Architecture

Max and VIZ

WOW – It’s all FREE!!! If you want to purchase more, AUGI negotiated a discount.

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