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CAD Training – Lunch and Learn – more than just food

Continuing my look at Lunch and Learns here are a few random tips to make them better:

Get good speakers.

First look around the office to see who might be a good candidate for sharing in the instruction. Ask some of the Super Users. Ask some of your CAD Staff.

Ask your reseller. They are often willing to come in and do a quick presentation, especially on updates and new software.

Ask other CAD Managers. They may be willing to come and discuss some of the issues that they face. It may work best if they are not direct competition to your firm for work.

Get good content.

If you have no one that wants to present, then think about tapping into some of the free video tutorials. You can show them with a projector to the whole room and then discuss the topic after the presentation.

Have someone present on the project they are working on. Talk about how they put the files together. Talk about the rough spots and the successes.

Get good food.

Well it does also include food… so mix it up a little. Don’t blow your whole budget on high end cuisine, but don’t go too cheap. People get sick of pizza real quick.

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1 Comment To "CAD Training – Lunch and Learn – more than just food"

#1 Comment By John Lowe On December 18, 2007 @ 12:08 PM

I have am right at the tail end of a series of 13 lunch n’ learns and have learned a lot. Definitely varying on food helps big time. If you change it up every week, it keeps them coming. I am having my first “brown bag” lunch n’ learn where lunch is not provided and I already see a drop in expected numbers (it is also close to the holidays), so I will have to have another one after the new year . Anyway, I think it is a good way to get people to learn and management likes it because it saves money. There are so many resources to choose from, especially when you could have a round table discussion or have a speaker or download an archived Web cast from Autodesk. So many choices. Tomorrow I am using a screen cast from one of my favorite AU classes I attended. Long story short – my users think the lunches work great and I have seen an increase of the amount of knowledge going around the office.