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Autodesk University 2007 – Day Two

A long day for me at AU 2007.

It started off with a “Writer’s Breakfast” that AUGI put on for the writers of Hot News [1], AUGI World [2]and BLAUGI [3]. A large group of writers were in attendance and we discussed the future of publication in differing languages. Next it was on to a Board of Directors meeting with Kelly Rupp – part of the Autodesk worldwide marketing group.

Then on to my class presentation on BAD CAD [4]. Tale a look at the link that offers part of the class outline.

Lunch was spent in the AUGI Booth talking to members and signing up new ones.

I ran into Shaan Hurley [5] on my way to my next class. He asked if I was blogging at the show – OF COURSE! The next class I presented was “Preventative CAD Management”.

Tonight is the AUGI International Reception – “Do you speak English?” will be my most used question to others.

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