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Infected CAD files

From my AU 2007 class – BAD CAD:

The Infections

Here is a brief list of some of the areas that may be infected by having a gap that is too wide between your best user and your worst.

1. The expert users will be frustrated because they have to slow down and use CAD at a lower level than they want to.

2. Slow users will be frustrated trying to understand and keep up with advanced users constant pushing the tools to the cutting edge.

3. Differing levels of expertise create files that are a confusion of standards. You end up with high end entities created by advanced users that are often exploded down to their base units by lagging users. This creates a confusing mixture of entities that are often corrupted in the process.

4. Advanced users often set up projects differently than lagging users. This creates a twisted mixture of file names, drawing content, settings, configurations and more.

5. Project Managers don’t know who to believe or trust with their files.

6. Clients see a mixture of standards in the files they receive.

7. Consultants get files that differ from one background to another. Layers are not used consistently. files are not put together the same way.

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#1 Comment By loosenut On October 22, 2007 @ 9:23 AM


I’ve been working on a Best Practices manual that may help bridge the gap between new users and old users:

I’ll be adding more to it in the coming weeks.