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Revit Architecture 2008 – Groups

I hosted the Revit User Group Inland Empire at HMC Architects last night. It was a standing room only event that gathered over 45 interested parties to see a couple of presentations. Bob Carpenter of Onyx presented on BIM and Green Design followed by Scott Davis of Autodesk presenting “What’s new in 2008?”

Scott covered Groups in depth. What a great feature!

You can group elements in a project or family and then place them multiple times. Grouping elements is great for creating entities that represent repeating items. The example he used was a hotel room. He created a queen bed room and copied and edited it multiple times. Replacing and editing the groups in place and seeing the updates applied to all instances of the group.

He went on to show how groups could be “exported” out as .rvt files. This is done by going to File > Save to Library > Save Group. It prompts you for a name and then saves it out.


You can then load them into another project (See the Load to Project menu item above). In order to see any Groups to load, you must open the file in Revit first.

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