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Revit Architecture 2008 Design Phases Overview

Hidden in the Help function in Revit Architecture 2008 is a tool that you may not have used before. It is great for beginners and veterans alike. New users will find the conceptual stuff a good foundation and seasoned users may find some nuggets of wisdom that they may not have been exposed to before.

Some of the topics are Flash demos and some are just links to an escorted tour through the help files.

To get the Design Phases Overview, you look in the Help folders under the Content Tab > Using the Revit Interface.


Once in the Design Phases Overview, you will see a Flash presentation that creates a wheel of topics. These topics include Essential Concepts, Pre-Design and Planning, Preliminary Design and so on…


Click on one of the wheel topics and you will be presented with sub-topics.


Once inside a subtopic, you will be presented with a slide show or links to help topics.


Check it out…

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