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Autodesk Usability Feedback – More ways to be involved


What an opportunity!Want to provide more than 100K of random data snapshots of your work habits that the CIP colllects? You could provide direct feedback to Autodesk on their software and tools. They are always looking for people who want to participate. Guru or Newbie – they need them all.

It is called Usability Feedback. I have seen the Usability Lab in San Rafael. Part of it is just small offices to have face to face discussions. They ask you a bunch of questions and analyze your answers. Another area actually reminded me of an interrogation room. One way glass, cameras, recording equipment and more. All for the benefit of the software developers to actually “see” how people use the software.

You may not actually go to San Rafael to interact with the Usability team, they can do a lot over the web. You can connect up and use the software and complete surveys and much more.

Want to get Involved? Click Here [1] and fill out the form to submit your name.

Here is the description from the Autodesk website.

“Usability is the ease with which you can use a product, and learn quickly in order to accomplish your objectives. Usability feedback sessions provide a venue for you to give feedback and contribute to the development of Autodesk products.

Autodesk is continually seeking people who possess various levels of industry expertise and familiarity with our products. Usability feedback sessions are conducted in the United States as well as internationally and generally take 1–2 hours. Sessions take place at an Autodesk facility or via the Web.

If you would like to participate, please submit the form. If your information matches an upcoming feedback session, we will contact you.”