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AutoCAD Architecture 2008 – next Feature Comments

Again – here is some info from the readme file in ACA2008 – my comments in italics

Property Set Definitions

Generate Spaces
When using the Generate all option for adding spaces, the following may be observed:

To resolve this, manually pick points to generate the spaces.

Spaces created with the Space Generate tool will be associative, whether or not the Associative property is set to No in the tool. The space can be set as non-associative after its creation via the properties palette.

Associative Spaces
Associative extrusion spaces do not automatically update when a wall sweep is added or edited.

Calculation Standard
The boundary offset for curtain walls will be generated according to the following rules:
The net, usable and gross boundaries will be generated as one segment, offset to the base boundary of the curtain wall. In order to produce the correct offset results, the boundaries may need to be manually offset to the preferred location.

SIS Standard

The usable offset boundary may fail to offset correctly when columns or mass element are located in the corner of a wall connection. To workaround this issue, use the manual offset boundary type and manually edit the boundaries to the correct location.

Legacy datasets Warning!
In drawings from a previous version, it is possible for spaces to disappear or display a defect marker after turning on the ‘Automatically update associative spaces’ in the Options dialog. This may happen for spaces that have been generated from collinear surfaces, to fix this, select all the associative spaces in the drawing and update them, using the command

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