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AutoCAD Architecture 2008 – more Feature Comments

More Comments from the 2008 ReadMe

IFC Export

MasterFormat 2004

Detail Component/Keynote Database Migration utility

Using CSI Masterformat 95 Databases in AutoCAD Architecture 2008

If you want to use a database from Architectural Desktop 2007 or previous releases with the current release of AutoCAD Architecture 2008, you can load it as described under Adding a Detail Component Database to Available Databases or Adding a Keynote Database in the Help.

Note that the older database must be located with its corresponding content, maintaining the folder structure, to function properly. A details database will not function with the new 2008 US details content. Likewise, the previous version keynote database will not function to automatically keynote 2008 US details content, but only detail components inserted using previous version details or details in previous version drawings.