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AutoCAD Architecture 2008 – final Feature Comments

Final items from the ACA2008 readme file…

Adding a height value to the text style changes the height of text within AEC Dimensions but not AutoCAD dimensions.

It is not possible to summon the Dimension Style Manager dialog via the Display Properties dialog, if accessed through the Display tab of the Properties Palette. To access this dialog, from the Format pulldown menu, select Dimension Style.

Cells in a Sheet Keynote Legend containing sheet keynote blocks may become invalid after using the Block Editor or the Block command to change to one of the block definitions. To correct this problem, save and reopen the drawing.

Updating Keynote Legends in Previous Version Drawings.
Care must be exercised when updating keynote legends that exist in previous version drawings.
If the keynote database that was used to create the Legend is not present when the legend is updated, all data in the legend will change to pound symbols (#). To repair this, load the previous version database in the Aec Content tab of the Options dialog, and then update the legend again. The keynotes will be restored.

Object Viewer
On multi-monitor systems, using Hardware Acceleration and different display settings, dialogs that include the Object Viewer should be kept on the primary display. This is to guard against various system errors that may otherwise occur.

When switching between different profiles in the Options dialog, within AutoCAD Architecture 2008, toolbars and pull down menus may not be reloaded correctly. This can be caused by the profile not having been used previously. To prevent this issue from occurring, launch AutoCAD Architecture 2008 from each desktop shortcut once. After that, switching between the profiles in the Options dialog should present all the expected toolbars and pulldown menus.

When attempting use CTRL-select to zoom to an object in a schedule table, the Selection Preview Cycling panel may display instead.
Selecting “Don’t show me this again” restores the Zoom to functionality.

When ‘Automatically Save Workspace Changes’ is set, the following will be true:
It will not possible to customize the current workspace in the Customize User Interface dialog.
This can be avoided by setting a different workspace current before starting to customize the intended workspace.

Switching between workspaces with the Dashboard closed may result in the Dashboard losing its list of assigned Control panels. To restore them, right click on the Dashboard, and select the desired control panels.