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A Warm Body

You have all heard management say “A warm body is better than no body”. This is usually in conjunction with keeping an under producer on the team long after everyone has recognized that they should be gone.

Is this really true? Are they really better than no one?

Here are a few problems with “Warm Bodies”

  1. They are a proven low level producer – why do you think they are only warm?
  2. They most likely don’t care about good CAD
  3. They are slow learners – you have probably spent a good amount of time trying to get them to do thinks right and they still can’t
  4. They slow others down – with all those questions
  5. They mess up files – have I ever mentioned BAD CAD?
  6. They are focused somewhere else – they are not fully invested in your project
  7. They may know they are low producers and become unmotivated, waiting for the ax to fall
  8. They bring down morale – why are we keeping this deadbeat?
  9. Other employees loose faith in management – why don’t we cut this guy loose?
  10. Other employees slow down to match them – why should I bust my tail when they are so slow and they still have a job.

Can you think of any more reasons to NOT keep the Warm Bodies?