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Developing Standards – From Principle to Action

I am convinced that developing Standards should start with Principles and move from there to Standard Concepts to Methods to Content and finally to Action

Principles -> Standard Concepts -> Methods -> Content -> Action

By starting with the Principles you can get everyone on the same page from the beginning. It is best to work through and talk about the overarching principles of your CAD environments. First develop a system of Principles that your standard will be based on.

Example: Our firm is production based and will drive productivity to the max. Therefore our standard will be focused on increasing productivity by reducing the steps it takes to get things done. This means that woven throughout our standard is the focus of speed and productivity

Example: Our environment embraces the full use of the tools we use. Therefore our standard will address every tool that is in the box.

Example: Our firm does not want to create or support overly fancy customization. Therefore we will use what is in the box and not create custom menu, LISP, etc.

Example: Our firm is dedicated to making the tool fit our needs. Therefore we will customize content and create tools that enhance the software.

Example: Our firm does not believe that we need to update the standard unless we update our version of software. Therefore we will stabilize our standard for the version we are currently using and not upgrade it at all until we move to a new release.

Once you have developed the principles of how you address your standards you can move toward the concepts of the standard. These examples above show the Principle and the Concept.

More to come…