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What does your CAD Standard say about you?

I think that what is written in your CAD Standard says a lot about your firm and whoever put together the standard. A good solid standard will garner respect. One that is haphazard and confusing or incomplete will cause concern.

Take a quick look at your CAD Standard… What does it say about you and your firm?

Is it well organized and up to date? If not – then people will think that you or your firm are not very organized or maybe you are outdated.

Is it incomplete and lacking in detail? Then your internal users will think that you are not fully versed in CAD and do not know when to provide the proper level of detail needed to get the job done. Your clients may think that you cannot design to the level needed for their project.

Is it full of inconsistencies? Then your internal users will become confused and not know which way they should go.

Is your standard easy to read and understand? Then your internal users will be able to quickly know what is needed and what to do.

Your CAD Standard needs to be rock solid. A positive reflection on your CAD ability and the quality of your firm. Make some quick notes about what you need to review and how you can apply some edits to improve your document.

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