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Learning your CAD Times Tables

I have provided training and management in CAD for many many years. One thing that I have to constantly remind myself about is that the speed of learning differs for each and every person. Some may catch on quick and others may take time before it sinks in.

I need to be willing to explain the same concept over and over until the lights go on. I need to be able to explain it in different ways. I may have to discuss the same subject with the same people several times before they “get it”. Patience is a valuable commodity to a teacher.

The CAD “Learning Times” tables can be all over the map. Some may always be high on the curve and others may be low. Some may learn better by reading, some by hands on, some by show and tell demos. You need to cover every area that you can.

So just because you state that 12×6=72 does not mean that you are done. You may need to show the “new math” of the problem and the solution.

Just because you have “presented” something to someone does not mean that you “taught it”. In my opinion learning does not take place until the teacher has effectively transfered the knowledge to the student. It is not completed until the student learns. Learning has begun when the student can reproduce the procedure. The fact that learning is complete is best proven by the student being able to teach someone else.

A CAD Manager has to teach students and help them become teachers for others.

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#1 Comment By KarROX On March 16, 2009 @ 9:20 PM

Thanks for this piece of information. It was simple and useful.