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CAD File Review Checklist

Here is a listing of 9 areas that you may want to check in the files when you do your review.  By looking for these items you can most likely find the areas where the files are not up to snuff.

1. Directory Structure
    a. Are the folders correctly named?
    b. Are there any unneeded folders?

2. Filenames
    a. Are the filenames correct?
    b. Are there any junk files that should be removed?

3. Layers
    a. Is the layer list clean?
    b. Are the names correct?
    c. Are the objects on the right layer?
    d. Are the linestyles correct?

4. XREF Attachments
    a. Are the attachments on the right layer?
    b. Are they in the correct location?

5. Object Location
    a. Are the objects in the right file?
    b. Are the objects on the right Layers?
    c. Are the objects in the right Space (MS/PS)

6. Settings
    a. LTSCALE
    b. Visretain
    c. Dimension Styles
    d. Text Fonts and sizes
    e. Does it call for any fonts of shape files that are not found?
    f. Referencing from incorrectly located files that are not in the project folders?
    g. Incorrectly used Images
    h. Use of text fonts that are not standard SHX or TTF files
    i. Mismatched, incorrect, exploded and faked dimensions
    j. Bad Viewports
    k. Bad Layout use and setup

7. Production methods
    a. Overly creative, innovative, advanced functionality
    b. Failure to use OSNAPS
    c. Inconsistency – Laziness
    d. Bad block definitions
    e. Corrupted linestyle, multiline definitions
    f. Faked objects to get good plots
    g. Exploded dimensions
    h. Element overrides

8. Plotting
    a. Settings that make plotting difficult
    b. Essential files (like CTB or STB files) located on local hard drives

9. Consistent Presentation
    a. Detail Layout and presentation
    b. Level of Detail
    c. Title Block text
    d. Graphic element locations (Key map, North Arrow, Graphic Scale)
    e. Spelling
    f. Logos
    g. Date
    h. Title of the Submittal (Plan Check, Client Review)
    i. Reference numbers correct
    j. Legibility
    k. Nomenclature
    l. Project Title Block