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AutoCAD Home Use – the clock is ticking

Part of the Ancillary Service Agreement for Home Use is the following wording…

“Subject to the terms set forth below, the Home Use benefit commences on the date of the issuance of the authorization code from Autodesk and continues for a period of 13 months from such date, at which time the software program will be disabled and will no longer function.”

So if you get that home use seat up and running, then plan on it going south after a year or so.

It goes on to say…

“Home Use Licenses are not upgradeable and may not be replaced. Home use may be requested only for current versions of the software programs plus the two immediately preceding versions of the software program. You must have originally and validly licensed and have legally in your possession all versions, including prior versions.”

So you can get older releases if you already have the licenses.

Again – for the fine print – check with your reseller or go to http://pointa.autodesk.com [1]