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AU 2006 – From the Show Floor


What do you do to feed 7500 attendees. I cannot imagine the logistics of pulling off breakfast for that large a group. I ran into Shaan Hurley (check out his blog [1]). He gave me a couple of AU ribbons – one for being a blogger and the other for participating in the Feedback site. As always he had camera in hand and was marching in the long line of attendees headed toward the keynote address. Check out his AU 2006 photos [2]. They actually only had 5000 or so chairs for the keynote and the Adeskers were in another room watching on video feed to make room for all of us. It was still SRO.

Keynote Address

Autodesk just finished the keynote address and kickoff of the event. Carl Bass actually wore a tie! and some goofy glasses at one point. Here are some highlights from the presentation.

GMJ [3] – They presented the first of many “super” models. They have modeled central London, 36 kilometers worth. Every building, every tree. It is a one gig model running on 64bit using Max.

Parsons Brinkerhoff [4]– showed some even more detailed models and had us (all 7500 of us) put on 3D glasses for some really good images.

Carl Bass – came back on with some wild 3D glasses!

Next there was an Army tactical officer showing how they are using 3D for tactical planning in war zones. Imagine a marine team going into an area of a city that they had already seen via 3D. Revit and Max used.

Patriot Mechanical showed high end planning and field location services provided by Autodesk and Nextel to locate and map out service routes.

Adesk MFG demoed a full 3D (Inventor model) of a factory floor and then placed it into an imported Revit model.

Also discussed were the zero download DWF viewer, Alias Studio and Showcase for Automotive design. Can we do this with buildings? And Kone showed plastic design processes thru using Inventor.

There was a demo of Impression for Arch rendering and coloring. Carl Bass mentioned that it can be downloaded from Autodesk Labs [5].

Crescendo Design [6]displayed some cool stuff inside of Second Life [7]. Putting designs in front of clients via the virtual world.

Well – it is off to classes now. I am attending and presenting. Today I am presenting CAD Management – Juggling Chainsaws.

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