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AU 2006 – Day Three

BIG DAY – Long Day…

By this time most attendees cannot even remember what classes they took on the first day. More exhibits. More classes. More networking.

I taught 2 classes… CAD Leadership and then Destination CAD… Here is a taste…

Destination CAD has up-to-date software. Most folks do not want to work in a location that is 3 or 4 releases behind the industry. This does not mean that you can’t be on 2004 or 2005 software, but you sure should not still be on release 14.

Do you need to be moving faster or moving slower on upgrades or are you just right? There are times when you need to be doing any one of these or maybe all three. Sometimes progress is moving too slowly and you need to speed things up. Other times things are going too fast and you need to slow them down. What we hope for is that we are moving at exactly the right pace.

Users and Management will either follow your lead or derail things. They either are on board of they are pushing too fast or dragging their heels.

More to come…

The day ended with the Blue Man Group – what a show!

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