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Missing in Action

I have not posted all week. I have been very busy working on my AU 2006 outlines and presentations. I have a ways to go, but here is a glimpse at some of the content…

Destination CAD – Creating a Successful Work Environment

Destination CAD pushes the envelope. An environment that would be considered a destination should include some enticing characteristics. Destination CAD would be a place where experimentation is not ruled out. It is actually encouraged. It would encourage experimentation (but not on production files). When new people join the team you would ask them about the firm they came from and how they did things. It would take good ideas from any direction and put the best ones in practice.

It would seek out new ways of doing things and when a better way is discovered – it would be implemented. Old ways are good if they are still productive. New ways are better only when they improve on production.

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