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Better – not perfect

Technology just has to be better – not perfect – for people to move forward.

If you are waiting for the perfect CAD tool, you will be waiting a long time. In fact if you have been in the CAD business for a while you are still waiting for a perfect tool.

I have been through many upgrades that have dynamically improved the way we draw and design. There have been leaps forward in the methods and efficiencies in the tools we use. But there is still that hope of the perfect tool.

Most often those who have found the perfect tool have actually shaped there process around the tool of choice to get that last 15-25% of efficiency out of the tools they have. They have created custom routines to fill in the gaps between the release they use and where they need to be.

Perfect environments are created by blending the out of the box content with custom tools that were developed by each team or user. They work so well because you built them yourself. As the releases progressed we saw the software “catch up” with what the industry wanted.

This leads to my point. We should be looking for better software, not perfect software. Incremental upgrades are what is to be expected, not quantum leaps in technology. The leaps may come, but they are seldom understood when first introduced. Take Dynamic Blocks for example. In my opinion – a quantum leap. Now are they embraced and used by everyone – not in the least. It may take some time for them to really catch on. Or maybe they are not even needed as more people migrate to the vertical products like ADT, Revit and Civil 3D.

When you are thinking of upgrading, keep in mind that the large leaps are harder for users to grasp and employ. Smaller, more gentle enhancements are more readily folded into production methods.

Look for ways to increase productivity by either upgrading or customizing the tools you have.

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