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AutoLISP – it is what you make it

Don’t be afraid to try creating a LISP routine. It is the easiest first step into getting AutoCAD to do those little things that you hate to do. Those repetitive tasks that can easily be strung together in a routine. Those items that creation is becoming a chore. Draw them in LISP.

Here are some good places to start your education in AutoLISP.

Basic LISP [1] from the Lazy Drafter

LISP Primer [2] – by Colin Allen and Maneesh Dhagat

AutoLISP Tutorials [3] – by acadsolutions

Introduction to AutoLISP Programming [4] by Ralph Grabowski

Basic AutoLisp Programming [5] by David Hoeksta – old but fairly good for beginners

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#1 Comment By Todd On October 18, 2006 @ 4:42 PM


Thank you very much for the reccomendation and link to The Lazy Drafter. I was just reading some of your posts and wanted to let you know you have a great Blog. Keep up the good work.