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Moving backwards and forwards

There are several times in my career that I have felt like I was moving backwards. I have had to re-establish CAD Standards and methods at firms that I had previously worked through the issues. This was most often due to the fact that new hires joined the firm and I had to work through previous issues again to get them up to speed.

Other times I have felt like I was moving forward faster than I expected. This was due to finding kindred spirits in CAD that shared the same perspective that I have about getting things done and organizing the system.

CAD Managers have to deal with moving forward and backwards at the same time. We have to work with those who are slow and those who are fast. We have to work with those who agree with us and those that oppose us.

This is the skill of management. Working effectively with people who may differ from us. Working through tough issues and striving for consensus.

Working ahead and behind is part of the job.

Here are a few tips…

1. Keep looking for common ground. Start from a shared understanding. Even those that oppose you may have something in common with you. If you both want to improve effeciency, then start with that goal in mind and keep it at the forefront.

2. Work with the best and the rest will catch up. Focus your time with the best users. Work through methods with them and then roll them out to others.

3. Pace yourself. Nothing hurts a firm more than a burned out CAD Manager. Work on a few items at a time. Constantly make progress, but don’t burn yourself out.

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