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ADT Elements vs Constructs

Constructs are the unique building blocks of your building. Usually a complete floor.

Elements are objects or groups of objects that are repeated over and over in a drawing set such as a typical bathroom layout.

There are times when you have created something as a construct and then you need to use it several different places.

You can convert it to an element. You can also convert elements to constructs.

NOTE: You cannot convert an element to a construct if the element is already used in a construct.

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#1 Comment By Juan Carlos On October 11, 2006 @ 1:27 PM

How do I model a stair that connects two stories in a two-story house? Is it an element, construct?

I have two constructs: first floor and second floor. I can place the stair as an object in one or the other.

Then, in my view plans (first and second floor view plans) I can refer to the constructs (e.g., first floor plan refers to first floor construct and second floor plan refers to second floor construct); but, I want to see the stairs in both view plans and I can’t because the stair “lives” in only one of the constructs.

I can put the stair (alone) in a seperate construct/element, and then reference it in the view plans, but it seems a rather complicated solution. Is there another way?


Juan Carlos