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ADT – Content Browser Tool

Buried under the ADT Content Browser is a tool to place Fire Rating symbology in a Wall. This may be an option to some who may not want to fiddle with embedding the fire rating symbology into their wall styles.

What it does is use “idrop” technology to place the lines inside of walls. You pick one end of the wall and then the other end and the line is placed in the centter of the wall.


It is located in Content Browser (CTRL + 4), Documentation Tool Catalog – Imperial, Miscellaneous, Fire Rating Lines.

It uses custom linetypes that are included with ADT.

They are (from top to bottom):
Aec_Rating_2 Hr.
Aec_Rating_2 Hr.-Smoke
Aec_Rating_4 hr.

Many thanks to my co-worker Julie for uncovering this.

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1 Comment To "ADT – Content Browser Tool"

#1 Comment By rdaniel On October 26, 2006 @ 4:09 PM

When you use the fire rating tool shown here, is the final object an independant line that is not attached to the wall in any way?

What I have done for rated walls is to insert a fire-rating component that displays on a no-plot layer on all display reps except for reflected. Additionally, I created a 1-HR and 2-HR linetype that displays the fire-rating numerically (ex. 1-1-1-1-). In this way, the fire-rating always moves with the wall.