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I journal.

Now I blog.

But I still journal.

What I do is write down every event that happens in my day at work. I keep track of major conversations with people. Meetings. Phone calls. Even E-Mails.

I use Word and save it as a continuing document. I start each day by opening the file and I keep it open all day long, adding information as I go. Sometimes I forget a day. Sometimes I don’t fill it out until the end of the day. But I try to keep up.

I went back and looked at my archives and I have my daily lists from way back to 1997. That is when I started doing it electronically. Before that I kept it in a steno pad.

It is not a TO DO list. It usually just a record of who I talked to, what I did and what events happened related to my day. Not a long list of details. Just enough to remind me of an event. I do put in names and phone numbers. Website links. Company names.

I have often gone back and found entries related to issues that have come up with dates and times and such. It refreshes my memory.

Here is an example…

Wednesday Aug 13

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