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AutoCAD 2006 Exploding Blocks – Has my watch stopped?

I got a couple of feedback items on my post about Exploding and Scaling check box locks in 2006…


“I made a block in LT 2006 and checked that it could not be exploded or inserted with different x-, y-scale values, saved the dwg, opened in Acad 2005 and could explode the block, scale it and insert it with different x-, y- and z scale values.”

From Ragnar Thor Mikkelsen – designdata, Norway

Another reader noted that you actually could explode blocks in 2006 even if someone sets them up to not explode… Shhh… Don’t tell anyone…

“Just use the edit block function and in the properties bar re-check that box and then exit out of the function. It took me a moment to figure that one out… where there is a will there is AutoCAD”

From Michael Dattilio from CHI Engineering, Portsmouth, NH, USA

I trust that that amount of effort will slow people down and maybe they will rethink the exploding idea. Then again, maybe not. I have found that many users will go to great lengths to do what is ill advised.

When is a lock not really a lock? There is a workaround for everything…

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2 Comments To "AutoCAD 2006 Exploding Blocks – Has my watch stopped?"

#1 Comment By Pierre On August 14, 2009 @ 8:25 AM

I tend to agree that this function as a use, but let’s face it, a lot a times you HAVE to explode blocks. I just think users should use common sense when exploding.

#2 Comment By CADDManager On August 14, 2009 @ 8:48 AM

Agreed – but like you are suggesting

Use your head, do it sparingly and as a last resort.