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REVIT User Group

I attended the South Coast Revit User Group meeting. There was a very good turnout of around 30 people.

One of the highlights was a presentation by the 3Dallusions “Design Your Dream House” Contest Grand Prize Winner: Taylor Osborn – Casa de Adrenalina. Taylor told us how he created his dream house completely in Revit 8.0. Check out his design… [1]

Jim Balding gave a presentation on a “horizontal” approach to Revit implementation. He stated that sometimes starting with only the horizontal plan drawings can get you going without trying to bite off the whole encillada. He showed a few plan sets that incorporated Revit generated plans and scanned hand drawn elevations. Very impressive.

Jim also showed everyone how to apply a bit map and bump map to a roof to get spanish tiles.

All in all it was a great time of networking and sharing.

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