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AUGI AutoCAD Wish List Update

The AUGI AutoCAD Wish List Ballot has been updated and you should go select your top 5 choices for new features in future releases.

http://www.augi.com/autocad/ballot.asp [1]

AUGI is moving to a more responsive selection, ranking and bsalloting for the Wish List. It will be delivered to Autodesk on a regular basis (as well as the annual AU presentation). This will give Autodesk more time to respond to the selections.

You get one opportunity to submit your selections so take some time and think it through. Then select the submit button. You cannot review your submission after it is sent (at this time).

AUGI has included 50 or so of the best wishes from the AUGI Forums since the April release of AutoCAD 2006. The title of each wish is a link to the thread in the Wish List Forum. … The results will be tabulated at the end of the month and the Top 10 will be presented to Autodesk in September.

You must be an AUGI member (which is FREE) to vote.

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