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ADT 2006 More Known Issues

Highlighted for quick reading…

Drawing Management

• New Project features in ADT 2006, for new projects and updated projects, will be lost if the Project Properties or Project Sheet Set are modified in previous versions of ADT. For example, this includes but is not limited to, the use of Relative Paths in ADT 2006.

• You may encounter missing buttons on the Configure Project Standards dialog. The only line of NVIDIA cards that successfully handle cad graphics are the Quadro line. Problems such as missing buttons in dialogs are known to occur with the NVIDIA GeForce4 4200 Go, for example.

• If you add a callout or other annotation to a manually created Named View in a view drawing & drop into a sheet file, those objects will be frozen in the current viewport. Thawing the layers in the sheet’s viewport will display your missing layers. You will not see this issue if you create the model space view from Project Navigator.

Layer Manager

• After a layer is deleted, you must OK from the Layer Manager before you can create a new layer of the same name.

Creating New Layer From Standard in Layer Manager switches to “All Used” layer filter.

• Restoring a Layer Snapshot will not change the Lineweight, Plot Style or Plot (Yes/No) settings.


• Some double-byte characters will not display correctly in 3D DWF files.

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