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Which export formats are supported in Autodesk Revit?
Autodesk Revit supports besides its own formats RVT, RFA, RTE also saving (export) to the formats DWG, DXF, DGN, gbXML.

Revit models can be also saved as a relational database through ODBC - ie. as MDB, DBF, XLS, SQL. Views can be exported to the raster formats JPEG/JPG, BMP, TARGA, TIFF. Walkthroughs can be exported as AVI video files. Plot output can be published to the DWF and PDF formats.

How to edit or add keyboard shortcuts in Revit?
Keyboard shortcuts are defined in the file KeyboardShortcuts.txt in the Revit folder. You can use a text editor to modify this file and add keyboard shortcuts in format:   "shortcut" menu:"menu-string"