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ADT 2006 Options - Part 1 - Part 2

ADT Training - The Baseline Tools

Most firms start with the basics when training in ADT. The basics are typically defined as Doors, Walls and Windows. So the first area of focus usually is pointed at those features. Once you want to go beyond that there are differing areas that may be looked into. Here is my list of baseline tools that I would like all of my team to know and be well versed in.

1. Project Navigator

2. Column Grids & Structural Design
3. Walls and Curtain Walls
4. Doors, Windows, Assemblies and Openings
5. Spaces
6. Reflected Ceiling Plans
7. Stairs and Railings
8. AEC Dimensions and Annotations
9. Tags and Schedules
10. Creating Details, Elevation and Section Views
11. Creating and Keynoting Details
12. Floors and Roofs

The above list was created after reviewing internal work flow, user needs and project interaction between offices. Some start in areas that provide higher return on training by reducing manhours spent on CAD efforts which may include the Detail Component Manager, the detailer, Design Center and automatic sections and elevations.