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What are CAD Standards?

What should they cover?

Here is a brief list of the major topics that should be covered by every CAD Standard.

10 Essentials

The list below is what I consider the bottom line.  These issues need to be fully defined and articulated.  Go to whatever lengths to get these outlined completely to provide efficiency for your firm.

1.  Standard Folders - names, locations, relationships, contents
2.  Project Names - numbering, names
3.  File Names - complete definition, how they are created, what folder they go in
4.  Layer Names, Line styles, Pen Weights
5.  Pen Tables  - CTB, STB
6.  Lettering Fonts and Sizes - when used, fonts, style names
7.  Dimension Styles - exact names, all terms defined
8.  Drafting Symbols - your basic symbology
9.  Xref Usage - naming, content, attachment method
10. Layout tabs - names, format, page setup

A Fuller List

This list is a fuller definition of what may be included in your Standard.  This reflects what may be found in a Standard for plain AutoCAD.  If you have ADT, LDT, Civil 3D or Revit then a even larger list may be needed.

1.  Standard Folders
2.  Project Names
3.  File Names
4.  Standard Units
6.  Paper Space and Model Space
7.  Viewports
8.  Date stamping
9.  Revision tracking of files
10. Layer Names, Linestyles, Pen Weights
11. Pen Tables
12. Lettering Fonts and Sizes
13. Dimension Styles
14. Drafting Symbols
15. Graphic Symbols
16. Xref Usage
17. Saved Views
18. Title Blocks
19. Layout tabs
20. Detail Creation and use
21. Menus
22. Support Files
23. Plotting
24. Hardware Requirements
25. Software Requirements
26. Deliverables