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Flexing you Power

Influence is needed

Influence roadblocks

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  A R T I C L E S
CAD Manager Flexing you Power to get things done

There are times when you have to exert "power" over others.  When someone if ignoring the standards or modifying software in ways that are not allowed.  Power really means influence.  Power is usually thought of as negative.  Power hungry managers fling orders and expect people to jump.  Power hungry political leaders may shave their ethics to get things done. 

So what is a CAD Manager to do?  Well being power hungry would never do, but you do have to exert influence at just about every turn.

You may have to use any one of these or a few at the same time to get things done.


Influence is needed to get things done

It is not enough to be prepared, technically competent, in charge or organized.  You need to deal with people on many different levels in different situations.  

  1. Dealing with conflict
  2. Interacting with your boss or upper management
  3. Selling your ideas on what CAD can be
  4. Expanding your staff
  5. Getting a budget approved
  6. Serving on teams or task forces
  7. Steering through company politics
  8. Surviving organizational change
  9. Initiating organizational change
  10. Working for a new boss
  11. Dealing with new users

CAD Managers have to learn to act and react in different ways depending on the situation.

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Influence roadblocks - a detour of your influencing ability

If you no longer want to have influence on people of issues do the following:

  • Be indifferent to peoples needs and desires
  • Be disagreeable when confronted on issues
  • Hoard information and don't share anything with anyone
  • Be two faced and tell one person one thing and another on something totally different
  • Compete with others in all areas

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Book Review - "How to Win Friends and Influence People" - Dale Carnegie

This is one of the timeless classics - a must "read and own" kind of book

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January 2007 - Survey Says

2007 looking forward - 2006 looking back

CAD Standards were the major thrust of 2006 and the major push for 2007.  37% of respondents want to focus on Standards while 23% said the made progress in that area in 2006.  A distant second and third for 2007 are training and project support.

See the full results from January 2007

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Working with others 

In 1936, Dale Carnegie wrote the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People".  I think more that 15 million copies have been sold since then. 

Many, if not all, of his ideas are timeless.  CAD Managers need to take heed...

Mark W. Kiker, Editor


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