Vol. 5 Issue 9 --- September,  2005
Building your Teams

As I write this I have been watching the news concerning hurricane Katrina.  I am deeply moved by the tragic outcome of the event.  As the US seeks to assist in recovery and repairs, I trust that all of us will consider how we can help out.  I urge you all to get involved through financial assistance or even volunteering.

Mark W. Kiker, Editor

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Building your Teams
Part 1 and Part 2

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Quick Tip - Revit 8.1

Revit calculator for distances.

When You want to calculate a distance when moving an object you can just select the MOVE command and then type in the "=" sign and type in a calculation.  Lets say you want to move a wall twice the distance of 2'-3.85".  Just select the MOVE command, type in =2'-3.85"*2 and the wall will move.

Building a CAD Support Team

Many of us are lone rangers in the support business of CAD.  We have to pull double, triple duty or beyond to keep the ship afloat.  Others have dedicated help to get the CAD job done. 

Whatever your surroundings and setup you need to have a team of folks to make things happen.  This month we look at setting up the teams and pulling together the troops.

The CAD Groups (or whatever you call them)

Keep reading if you want to know more...

Building a CAD Support Team - Part 2

Your Teams…

Build ‘em before you need ‘em.  Don't wait until a crisis hits to start pulling together these teams.  You need them in place, functional and ready when you need them.

Gather people with different talents.  Don't make the teams too homogenous.  Have a few on each team that don't fit the mold.

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Back to School

Many of us are sending our kids off to school at this time of year.  Let's not forget training for ourselves.  Here are a few ideas for training and research topics that you need to keep up on...

  1. What's new in the tools you use
  2. Plotting
  3. DWG exchange methods
  4. Deliverable options
  5. Archiving of your data - what is new?
  6. Licensing options for your software
  7. Methods of keeping your users informed
  8. Software patches, upgrades and fixes

Check out AUGI CAD Camp as an option for training

August 2005 - Survey Says

In August we looked at CAD Manager tools inside AutoCAD and how you thought they were doing at providing the tools you need.  Overwhelmingly you thought that there was room for improvement (48% want more).  What were the big winners for what you wanted?

31% wanted more tools to enforce CAD Standards

26% wanted tools for deployment

August Results

Sept. Survey - Does AutoCAD cost too much?  Let us know what you think.

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