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The Leadership Page

Take a look at the series that have been completed on Leadership.  I have used this material in presentations and so much more.  It is all here – all in one place.

Leadership… 9 parts
Part 1 [1]
Your ability to Lead will impact several areas

Part 2 [2]
Building a great support team – Staff Relations

Part 3 [3]
Career Stages

Part 4 [4]
A Leaders Personal Assets

Part 5 [5]
What Leadership is all About

Part 6 [6]
A Leaders Corporate Assets

Part 7 [7]
Seven Traits of a CAD Leader

Part 8 [8]
Seven Traits of a CAD Leader (more)

Part 9 [9]
Seven Traits of a CAD Leader (more)

Thought Leadership [10] – 7 parts
Knowing the exact blend of what it takes to become a thought leader is a delicate dance at best. Protecting your reputation and securing the respect of everyone is critical.

Leadership Disposition [11] – 8 parts
Everyone has a leadership style.  It grows out of your disposition.  Your disposition is your habitual inclination or tendency to think in a specific way.