CADDManager on March 1st, 2010

Text Editor, Dictionary and Font File Names

Text Editor Application
Specifies the text editor application to use for editing multiline text objects. You can also set this option by using the MTEXTED system variable. AutoCAD Text editor has been enhanced as should be used in most cases.  So leave this as Internal.

Main Dictionary
Specifies the dictionary to use for checking spelling of your files. You can also set this option by using the DCTMAIN system variable.  Hit the + sign and see an extensive list.

Custom Dictionary File
Specifies a custom dictionary to use. This could be an internally developed dictionary of abbreviations or technical wording. You can also set this option by using the DCTCUST system variable.

Alternate Font File
Specifies the location of the font file to use if AutoCAD cannot locate the original font that was used in the file and an alternate font is not specified in the font mapping file. If you choose Browse, AutoCAD displays the Alternate Font dialog box, from which you can choose an available font. You can also set the location of Alternate Font File by using the FONTALT system variable.  For a CAD Manager – I suggest that you do not set this to your standard font.  You will not know if someone has used an unapproved font, if someone used an alternate font that is not approved.  If you set FONTALT, then you will see no alerts when someone has used a font that you may not have.  It will just replace the missing font with whatever you have set in FONTALT.

Font Mapping File
Specifies the location of the file that defines how AutoCAD should convert fonts it cannot locate. You can also set this option by using the FONTMAP system variable.  FONTALT replaces all font.  This variable sets specific fonts mapping to other fonts.  A font mapping file contains one font mapping per line; the original font used in the drawing and the font to be substituted for it are separated by a semicolon (;).

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