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CAD Standards – Detail Sheet Creation

I think that Detail Sheets should be created by using the standard sheet divided into standard modules defined by a layout grid (see previous post). The modular grid shall be rendered visible in the sheet and in the final plot. The visibility of the grid on detail sheets is optional, some firms box in their details and others do not.

Details are created to fit within the grid modules. One detail takes up an entire module. Do not divide the modules up. If a detail requires expanding beyond on module, take the entire adjacent module.

Detail sheets shall be composed by “placing” (XREF, Insert, etc.) the individual detail drawings into Paper Space in the Sheet File. Individual Detail will be inserted by selecting the lower left-hand corner of the drawing modules as the insertion point. Details shall be scaled down to fit the appropriate detail scale factors.

The sequence for placing the detail onto the detail sheet should begin at the lower right-hand corner of the drawing area adjacent to the title block and then proceeding from bottom to top and across the sheet from right to left.

Details larger than one module may be placed in the sheet by encompassing as many contiguous drawing modules as required by the size of the detail. Only full drawing modules should be used. No fractional portions of modules should be allowed.

The details should be identified individually in the detail sheet. The detail title should be placed directly onto Paper Space at the bottom portion of each detail.

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4 Comments To "CAD Standards – Detail Sheet Creation"

#1 Comment By Anthony Mason On 2010/01/06 @ 8:51 AM

Sometimes a deviation from the standard is required, but you have to know the rules in order to break them properly. For our E1 (30×42) size sheets, our standard allows for a horizontal subdivision of 4 to 8 equal spaces and a vertical subdivision of 3 to 5 equal spaces (with the option to fill necessary adjacent spaces like you mentioned). Our standard is 5×4, but we can accommodate anywhere from 4×3 to 8×5 depending on the type of detail required on the sheet.

#2 Comment By cad detail On 2010/01/20 @ 9:16 AM

This is all very good information. I like the post that mason put up

#3 Comment By Rich On 2010/05/24 @ 7:36 AM

Well written article on detail sheet creation, which appears to be a crucial part of CAD.

#4 Comment By Janice On 2010/07/11 @ 1:13 PM

Thanks for your article on CAD detail sheet creation. I work for McGraw Hill Construction and from their site on the Sweets Network Directory, you can download CAD details.