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LTSCALE has been around forever. There are now several “SCALE” issues surrounding your linetypes. We now have LTSCALE, PSLTSCALE, CELTSCALE and MSLTSCALE.

LTSCALELineType Scale – Controls overall linetype scaling of objects displayed.

Sets the global linetype scale factor. The linetype scale factor cannot equal zero. This system variable has the same name as a command. Use the SETVAR command to access this system variable.

The initial value of LTSCALE is 1.

Use LTSCALE to change the scale factor of linetypes for all objects in a drawing. Changing the linetype scale factor causes the drawing to be regenerated.

PSLTSCALEPaper Space LineType Scale – Controls linetype scaling of objects displayed in paperspace viewports.

When you change PSLTSCALE or use a command such as ZOOM with PSLTSCALE set to 1, objects in viewports are not automatically regenerated with the new linetype scale. Use the REGEN or REGENALL command to update the linetype scales in each viewport.

The initial value of PSLTSCALE is 1.

MSLTSCALEModel  Space LineType Scale – Scales linetypes displayed on the model tab by the annotation scale

For model space or a layout viewport, you can display all the annotative objects or only those that support the current annotation scale. This reduces the need to use multiple layers to manage the visibility of your annotations.

When the MSLTSCALE system variable is set to 1 (default), linetypes displayed on the model tab are scaled by the annotation scale

Note: MSLTSCALE is set to 0 when you open drawings created in AutoCAD 2007 and earlier.

The initial value of MSLTSCALE is 1 (after 2008)

CELTSCALECurrent Element LineType Scale – Sets the current object linetype scaling factor. You can force an individual elements LTSCALE with this setting.

The Global Scale Factor value controls the LTSCALE system variable, which changes the linetype scale globally for both new and existing objects.

The Current Object Scale value controls the CELTSCALE system variable, which sets the linetype scale for new objects.

The CELTSCALE value is multiplied by the LTSCALE value to get the displayed linetype scale. You can easily change linetype scales in your drawing either individually or globally.

Sets the linetype scaling for new objects relative to the LTSCALE command setting. A line created with CELTSCALE = 2 in a drawing with LTSCALE set to 0.5 would appear the same as a line created with CELTSCALE = 1 in a drawing with LTSCALE = 1.

CAD Standards Issues:

Define what you will allow or demand in these settings.  The application of differing settings to these will make you files hard to decipher when used by others.  It will also make it hard to figure out goofy looking linetypes if you let CELTSCALE be used too often.

Specifically define your LTSCALE and verify that it is always the same on every file.

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11 Comments (Open | Close)


#1 Comment By WIETRZNIAK On 2009/06/28 @ 11:43 PM

Je suis désolé je repond en francais

Il faut faire attention que les nouvelles valeur Annotative influence enormement les valeurs LTSCALE/ MSLTSCALE nous avons rencontrer de gros probleme lorsque que la valeur Annotative n’etait la meme entre l’Espace Papier et l’Espace Objet


CADDManager Translation via Google:

I’m sorry I replied in french

You must be careful that the new annotation value greatly influences the values LTSCALE / MSLTSCALE we encounter big problems when the value Annotation not the same space between the paper and Space Object

Best regards

#2 Comment By George On 2010/01/08 @ 6:26 PM

Thanks man I was crazy searching for this

#3 Comment By luisma On 2010/10/13 @ 6:02 PM

i was wondering is there any command that unifies both paper space and model space linetype scales? i don´t know… like mspsltscale or something???

#4 Comment By rgarcia On 2010/11/17 @ 11:32 AM

@luisma – I set my MSLTSCALE to 0 PSLTSCALE to 0. and LTscale – to which ever scale factor i need. That way i always see the same LTscale in paper space and model space…

#5 Comment By muti On 2010/12/14 @ 4:01 AM

I agree with rgarcia! You should also use ‘regeneall’ command after all. It works for me.

Thanks 🙂

#6 Comment By brooks On 2011/01/12 @ 2:50 PM

When plotting from paperspace with viewports with more than one scale, the ltscale should be set to 1 and the psltscale set to 1 in order to have a uniform display of linetype regardless of scale.

#7 Comment By Kathy On 2011/04/06 @ 1:42 PM

Has anyone encountered their LT scale change without actually changing any of your settings?

For example, I have my LT scale set to 10 and everything has been working fine, but today when I open the DWG I have to change the LT scale to 100 to get it to come out correct.



#8 Comment By TOM On 2012/10/11 @ 10:17 AM

Oh man did this blow my mind with help. Esp. the part about setting both msltscale and psltscale at 0 to see them the same. Thanks everyone!

#9 Comment By Antonio Almeida On 2013/01/26 @ 1:23 PM

I am using autocad 2000 and having problem with my leader, it shows too small, upside down and with a gap between the arrow and the line.

Thank you!

#10 Comment By robin On 2015/04/11 @ 8:22 AM


#11 Comment By Tim Larkin On 2015/07/24 @ 1:57 PM

The quick explanation for those who want all viewports to print with proper scale, yet see linetypes in model space:

Change Annotation Scale in Model Space (via properties, or CANNOSCALE command)