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New Theme!

I modified my theme.  I am still working on it.  I think most pages are working correctly.  I think that most plugins are working correctly.

Let me know what you think…

or let me know what is not working…

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4 Comments To "New Theme!"

#1 Comment By R.K. McSwain On 2008/08/23 @ 6:28 PM

Looks good here!

#2 Comment By Robin Capper On 2008/08/23 @ 9:21 PM

And here. I’ve tuned mine a little recently too but just minor suff.

(Just noticed the comment box width seems a few characters wider than the main column?)

#3 Comment By CadMasterAdam On 2008/08/24 @ 6:15 PM

Oooo Pretty

#4 Comment By Scott On 2008/08/26 @ 6:39 AM

Nice theme; I like the colors.