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How Cuil are you?

A new search engine has appeared on the landscape…  It is Cuil [1].


Cuil was developed by a few Google “formers” who left the fold, got some investors and went it alone.  It is interesting on the surface but not real flashy.

So – I typed in “CADD Manager” and came up as #1 on the list.  Using that search term on Google provided the same results.  So I typed in “CAD Manager” and came up as #3 on Google, but no where in site on Cuil.

I do like the autocomplete “suggestion” function.


You can turn it off and on under preferences… as well as safe search.


One thing I do like is the Next Page funtion at the bottom of the screen.  It stays in one place.  I don’t have to scroll to get the buttons.


Take a look for yourself and try some of your typical searches.

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1 Comment To "How Cuil are you?"

#1 Comment By MistressOfTheDorkness On 2008/08/07 @ 5:40 AM

hmm, I must have checked it too early… when I first heard about the site, I did a search there (for Mistress of the Dorkness) there were no hits on any of my sites or pages… but, I’ve just gone back now, and I’ve appeared in my rightful place at the top of the results just as with Google. Much better. 🙂