CADDManager on April 15th, 2007

From the ACA2008 readme file…


AutoCAD 2008 Layer State functionality replaces Layer Snapshots, from Architectural Desktop, in AutoCAD Architectural 2008.

To Prevent the Replacement of Layer Snapshots with Layer States, you will need to edit the registry.

Note:You should back up the registry before making any changes to it.

Check the readme in your copy of ACA2008 for exactly how to do this. I get real queasy about posting reg edits.

Viewport Override
It is not possible to create a viewport override for the lineweight of a block set to ByLayer, whose components are set to ByBlock.

External References
Entities in xrefs that have components which use ByLayer linetypes, may not display overridden linetypes per viewport.

The Publish Command

Projects that are located far from the root of a drive, i.e. several folders deep, might not publish correctly. This can be resolved by moving the project closer to the root of the drive.

I do not know how deep you have to go to break this.

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