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Revit User Group of the Inland Empire

I attended RUGIE last night. It is a Local User Group for Revit users in the city of Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California. It was well attended with about 20-25 people showing up. It was only the second meeting they have convened. It is hosted by Scott Davis (Revit Tips and Tricks Manager for AUGI) at WLC Architects.

Daniel Hebert of L.A. CAD (a reseller) presented Revit Structure and then a local Structural Engineering CAD Manager, Tom Weir, displayed some of the work that he has been doing with the tool. He actually started using Revit Building for structural design and was on the advanced Beta Team for Structures.

He has quite a few outstanding projects in Revit. A gymnasium, a church, a school trade technology building and finally – The Rose Bowl. Yes – that Rose Bowl. He has model a great deal of the Rose Bowl structure in Revit tools. His firm is documenting and enhancing the structure and he uses Revit for his structural design work.

Another interesting item of note: There was a High School Junior visiting the user group from Santiago High School [1] in Corona, CA. Jordan Hildebrandt – He uses Revit at school. Bill Brown, his teacher, has high school curriculum that includes Architectural Desktop and Revit. There should be more schools like this!

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