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Does Good CAD Really Matter? – Part 2

Last time I talked about what could be categorized as personal reasons that Good CAD Matters [1], now I move on the corporate reasons.

1. Good CAD matters because we share files with other Users and Firms. If you give or get files from others, this is a no brainer kind of comment. You have seen what it means to have good CAD files in and out. If you are sharing internally with other designers, then you find out directly from them that good CAD matters. If you are sharing files with outsiders, you may not be hearing from them. But either way – you are developing a reputation on your CAD abilities. Is that reputation a good one?

2. Good CAD matters because your clients deserve the best. Your firm is getting paid for good design. That is the bottom line. But you are also most likely giving them CAD files as an instrument of service. These files are a reflection of your design ability. Have you ever been in a meeting and had a client comment “if they can’t get the CAD files right, what can we expect about the design?”

3. Good CAD matters because your files are shared with others that you don’t know about. Often your files are taken by the client and given to others. Your reputation is spreading.

4. Good CAD matters because it increases productivity. Face it – a good CAD file is a pleasure to work on. With corporate teams working on several files and exchanging data between projects, any flaw will be multiplied and cascade over several projects. If your files are tuned and refined for production, then you are saving time and making money.

5. Good CAD matters because you pay for it. All of the users in your firm are paid to be productive, creative and fast. Good CAD files help in all of these areas.

6. Good CAD matters because it lets you automate. By expecting and knowing where objects are created, located and defined, you can automate all kind of things. Xref attachment and manipulation, Layer edits, Insertions, Title Blocks, Tables, Layouts, etc. The list is endless. But you have to depend upon things being named, placed and created as you expect them to be.

Got any more GOOD reasons?

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1 Comment To "Does Good CAD Really Matter? – Part 2"

#1 Comment By Jimmy Moore On 2005/06/16 @ 12:21 PM

I concur with your thoughts and identify with the intent of the article. We are a CAD software developer and we use our product to offer architectural services to the residential industry. We consider the CAD file to be the data engine of the building industry, if organized in a manner whereby the digital information is accurate, portable, and capable of being used for downstream uses.

Standards and process are very important in our industry where complete construction documents must be completed in 5 – 6 days as opposed to weeks or months for commercial projects. Building firms must establish consistent CAD standards through which to funnel multiple design sources with multiple CAD platforms. Otherwise, even if accuracy is present, intelligent information extraction in a meaningful fashion is usually not.

As you noted, accuracy of CAD documentation is key in enhancing the building process. It is a given. Efficiency is the aim. Uniformity and standardization are keys to organizing and sharing CAD data to promote real value added economy. Effectiveness is the endeavor in this regard.

Yes, CAD accuracy really matters. Intelligence, process and standards greatly leverage the value of accuracy.